When You Should Replatform?

Desk Box / June 28, 2018

The majority of E-commerce companies are not that comfortable with data migration. They simply are not that confident when it comes to migrating from current website to a new platform, the reason being that, data migration is a process which is too risky and also costs a serious amount of money as well. This is a general tendency that exists in the market nowadays however as a business person we recommend that you should not be afraid of migration, it is surely not something that can destroy your current sales.

There are high chances that your current platform may be the main hurdle in your market growth. A new platform improves the business processes and results in a customer experience which is excellent. In a nutshell, you should upgrade PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7 right now!

The Indicators

You should go for PrestaShop migration when there is a genuine need. Taking a risk like PrestaShop migration without any serious reason is not a good choice at all. So how do you determine that you require PrestaShop Migration? Well, there are certain signs and indications which you should look for. If these signs and indicators are their then this means that you need anPrestaShop migration.


Initially, you may have invested in an inexpensive software which helped you in the creation of a basic online store. Yes, initially this must have been a good investment however now it must be holding you back.  Your current E-commerce platform must be lacking some cutting-edge features and applications. There are high chances that your current platform may be outdated.  An outdated software prevents you from providing the right experience to your customer. If your software lacks the features or if it does not have the right applications then it is the right time for you to go for an E-commerce migration.


A common issue which many people face is that sometimes a PrestaShop version simply requires a lot of maintenance. There are high chances that the major job of your development team is to fix bugs. Not only is this process costly rather it takes a lot of precious time as well. The small fixes simply waste too much time. The point is that if your current PrestaShop version requires too many fixes then it is highly recommended that you should go for migration.

The Cost Issue

The basic thing in your business is your budget. There are many merchants out there who spend too much of their cash on their website. The common costs include the hosting fees, subscription fees, maintenance and security fees etc.

There are numerous E-commerce platforms available in the market with different price ranges.  The point is that you should go for a thorough audit on your website. You should check how much money you are spending on your webpage. If you think that your website expenditure will be less in case you go for E-commerce migration, the make your move!

Manual Process

There are several E-commerce platform out there which rely on manual processes as far as completion of orders is concerned. Similarly, they utilize the manual processes for correspondence with their clients. The Manual updating of the data takes a lot of time and of course, there are high chances of human error as well. There are numerous PrestaShop version in the market who have automated important tasks such as communicating information, inventory updates and order processing. If your team is spending too much time on the manual processes then it’s time for a change.

Problems pertaining to integration

It is not a job of merely an E-commerce platform to run a business rather this requires a number of software.  The larger companies work with order management, ERP, POS and inventory management systems. These systems add more robust capabilities and functionalities. To effectively automate the business process in the presence of these systems requires integration.

The issue is that there are many E-commerce platforms which do not possess the ability to handle multichannel integration. The basic architecture of the E-commerce platform can dictate the functionality, speed, reliability, and cost of the integration to other systems.  To prepare for integration you need to Replatform your E-commerce store.

Growth and Scalability

The E-commerce sales are increasing all over the world. The companies that grow faster outgrow their platforms. Your current platform helped you in taking the first step however it surely cannot take you to the next level.  Since you have an unlimited number of operations to conduct every day hence your platform has to scale with you. You should come with anE-commercee platform that handles your volume in a better way.


Sometimes you simply need to go for Upgrade PrestaShop just because of the usability factor. You spend too much time on your Ecommerce website processing orders, making changes and updating information. There are some platforms whose learning curve is much larger. There is no harm in admitting the fact that the software is sometimes too hard to utilize on daily basis.


Keeping the customer data secure is not that easy as site hacks are very common nowadays. There are some practices that guarantee data security. It all comes down to how your data is encrypted, hosted and finally who is responsible for it.  There are Ecommerce platforms out their which host data in an environment which is of their own.  There are numerous merchants who hold the data in the servers of their own.

Which Platform to choose?

There are many Ecommerce platforms which you can consider for migration however the best in the business is PrestaShop. The platform has many benefits associated with it and some of them are:

  • It is easy to maintain
  • It is easy to setup
  • The back end interference is great
  • There is no problem in upgrading the version of this platform
  • The modules can be developed with ease
  • The platform is easy to customize

Customer Experience

All the problems which we have mentioned above the end of the day negatively impact on your customer experience. The point is that you generate sales when your customers are happy. To keep them happy you need to provide them the right experience.

Well, what are you waiting for? If the mentioned indicators are their then kindly plan your E-commerce migration.



Order Export Prestashop – The way to increase benefits

Desk Box / March 13, 2018

Online stores are the most popular things nowadays, many people are using these stores for their convenience. However, as customers we take many things for granted, this is because most of us do not know what is going on behind the scenes of the online store. These stores are very complex systems and they need to perform some of the most difficult tasks. One of the most important things that these retailers need to do is to export data and orders from other systems.

There are many types of data that needs to be formatted and there are many file formats that can be used for this purpose. However, the most stable and popular file format in this regard is XML. Orders tend to have many different fields, with proper implementation each category can be exported as per the desire.

Export Module

If you want to use the full power to exporting data in Prestashop then it is probably a good idea to use an export module. With such modules all the processes become much more refined and easier to handle. Below you will find some of the most helpful features of such a module.

1.      Field Selection

One of the biggest advantages that come with order export modules in Prestashop is that it allows the user to export selective fields. When you are working so many orders there are many instances when you only need to work with a certain piece of the information. When such a situation arises then it is very helpful to have the option to export only a specific number of fields. So, the next time you want to export an order, consider this module.

2.      Helpful Options

The free version of this order export module is very good, however just like most other products out there the paid version has some added features. These features can really make the difference depending on the nature of your work.

For example, if you were to purchase the paid version of this module then you would get access to features like selected exports. This means that the module will allow you to export only the things that you want and nothing else. You can even set export rules.

3.      Email Integration

The whole process of exporting data and downloading it on your local machine is pretty simple. This is because the module is very easily able to end all of the exported directly to you on your email. This is all done automatically, the moment you click the export button all of your data is sent to you.

With features like this, you can very easily save a lot of precious time. When you are running an online store than time holds a lot of importance and that is why more is always a blessing.

4.      File Types

When you are exporting files using this module then one things that you do not need to worry about is file format compatibility. This is because the module gives you a lot of options for selecting the file format of your choice. However, some of the most popular file formats that you can find are CSV, excel and XML.


These were somethings that you should know about exporting data on Prestashop. It is a difficult task and by the looks of it, it seems that you should know the basics of programming to pull this off. Order export modules in Prestashop can really make the difference as it can make things a lot easier. With such modules you can get access to amazing features that can help you in various situations.


A Brief Analysis on the PrestaShop blog module

Desk Box / February 10, 2018

What is a Blog Module?

A blog module basically allows the authorized users in maintaining of their blogs. Blog is more of a post which is usually viewed by date and which is also time stamped. The entries of the blog can be made both private as well as public to the members of the site. The importance of the blog module cannot be ignored in the environment within which we live today.


One blog module which has gained a serious fame in the market is “BLOG”. The module is gaining fast popularity and many people have practically started to use it. There are several aspects which make “BLOG” as a perfect module. In the headings below we have discussed these aspects in detail.

Overview: “BLOG”

“BLOG” can be termed as the most trusted PrestaShop module which has been launched in the year 2017. The module has several advantages to its name such as rich features and ease of use. “BLOG” is basically an advanced form of PrestaShop module which brings all the important features of a blog on your PrestaShop webpage.

The Offerings

There are many things which “BLOG”provides you as a user. Some of these things have been discussed in the points below

  • The module comes along with design templates which have 4 pages. The templates can be as per your choice. The pages are designed by effective utilization of modern design trends. The color picker allows you to choose from unlimited choices of colors. Similarly the module is highly responsive and can operate on all kind of screens and devices
  • One of the most beneficial offering of “BLOG” is SEO optimization. The module ensures that your blog secures top position on the search engine. “BLOG” provides you with SEO Meta tags, HTML tags and SEO compatible URL
  • One of the most flexible PrestaShop blog modules out there is “BLOG”. All the appearance of the frontend can be easily managed from the backend as well. “BLOG” has also been coded with flexibility consideration utilizing PHP, HTML and CSS. This means that as a web developer you can customize your blog’s display as per your choice or preference.
  • “BLOG” is compatible with all the other versions of PrestaShop. Similarly the application can work with other custom modules as well (after PrestaShop integration).
  • An adorable image slider is very much there in “BLOG”. The slider is home to wonderful animation effects along with other slider options as well. Through “BLOG” you can also develop a nice photo gallery of your webpage. The photo gallery can be easily displayed on different locations of the website.
  • There are many features that are there in “BLOG”. These features help in better customer interaction with the blog especially while reading blog posts. A customer can easily rate, comment or like the blog post. Similarly the email notifications, guest comments and captcha security are well supported.
  • The backend of “BLOG” is fairly easy to utilize. The JQuery Ajax technology is utilized for module backend. The technology helps in the reduction of page reloads when operating with the backend. This surely assists you in the quick management of the blog content.
  • “BLOG” is home to a feature which helps you in the export of all your blog content (PrestaShop) via a click. The content can also be easily imported by a click once the PrestaShop blog has been integrated into your webpage. An entire backup of the blog can be easily created by this feature.
  • The Multi language feature is another unique offering of the blog. All the sections of the front end are available in all the popular languages of the globe such as Japanese, Arabic, English, Spanish and French. Everything can be translated by you as per your preferred language.

Key Features

To summarize let’s see some of the unique features which are being offered by “BLOG”. These features are as follows

  • Home page or sidebar display of photo gallery and blog posts
  • Blog post
  • Blog category
  • Multi-language (RTL Supported)
  • jQuery Ajax used for the implementation of Backend
  • Slider
  • Email (Notification)
  • Color picker
  • Photo gallery
  • SEO optimization
  • Blog page layout (4+)
  • View number/comments/ratings/likes
  • Import and export feature
  • Post author
  • Related products
  • Blog tags
  • Blog search function
  • Related posts
  • Famous posts
  • Blog search
  • Recent posts
  • Social login networks buttons for Prestashop


In case you face any kind of problem or trouble while integrating or installing the blog, do contact us. Also report to us if you face any bug issue, we are open for your help and queries.  We have all the solutions for the problems which you may encounter while using “BLOG”. We are true professionals and we know how to help you!


Ecommerce Platforms that Serve as Alternatives for PrestaShop

Desk Box / January 25, 2018

An Overview

The E-commerce Platform in simple words is software, which helps in the management and selling of services/products online. Previously online businesses used to depend on standalone E-commerce softwares for which an extensive IT setup was necessary.

Similarly special development teams were required for the in house management of these softwares. In majority of the cases, these solutions were not scalable and were very costly too. These solutions were also very difficult to customize.

Open Source Ecommerce Platforms

With the emergence of open source E-commerce platforms things became very easy and simple for online business or store owners. As compared to standalone E-commerce softwares these softwares were less costly and much easier to use. Some key benefits of open source E-commerce platforms are as follows

  • The overall quality which you get by utilizing E-commerce platform is incomparable with some of other alternatives out their
  • The cost of open source E-commerce platforms is very less and in fact some of these platforms are available for free
  • The general level of flexibility of these platforms is very high
  • The platforms are highly reliable


One of the most popular E-commerce platforms which are available nowadays is PrestaShop, PrestaShop is an ideal choice for online store. The software is currently being used for the management of around 250,000 online shops. There are several benefits that have been associated with PrestaShop and there are many blogs that have already been written by us on this subject.

Prestashop provide an amazing module to export orders in Prestashop to CSV, Excel or XML; the most complete Prestashop export orders module! Export orders by date, order status, customer, country, carrier, payment method, order total, etc.

In this discourse we will briefly touch upon some of the alternatives which we have for PrestaShop. Knowledge about these alternatives is necessary for you as their may arise a situation in which you may be unable to access PrestaShop. The alternatives have been stated in the headings below:

1.      WordPress

One of the best alternatives for PrestaShop is WordPress. The WordPress is basically a publishing platform that focuses on usability, aesthetics and web standards.The self-hosted WordPress application is open source and free. The benefits of WordPress are as follows

  • WordPress is home to some of the most exceptional themes. These themes can actually give a new and unique look to your webpage
  • More than 10,000 plugins are available in WordPress
  • The updating of WordPress is very easy and simple
  • Google is more comfortable with webpages that have been developed on wordpress
  • Engaged and thriving community supports WordPress

2.      Drupal

Drupal is basically free software which actually allows you or your community of utilizers to easily organize, publish and manage different contents that exist on your webpage. Today there are several organizations and individuals who are utilizing Drupal for their online businesses. Major benefits of Drupal are as follows

  • The software has modules in excess of 29,000. Similarly it has more than 2000 different themes under its belt
  • The software can be customized with ease
  • Rapid development gets facilitated by Drupal
  • It is a kind of software which is enterprise class in nature
  • The API support is excellent
  • Drupal is SEO friendly

3.      Joomla

Joomla is a content management system that has won various awards. The software assists you in the development of online applications and websites. The software is very easy to use and is high in flexibility as well. Joomla is an open source application which means that it is available for free. Key Benefits of Joomla have been stated below

  • Joomla is simple as far as usage and understanding is concerned
  • The cms pages can be added with ease when it comes to Joomla
  • Joomla is ideal when it comes to working on sites that are similar in nature
  • Author verifications get easily facilitated in Joomla
  • The Templates of Joomla provide both variety as well as convenience

4.      OpenCart

One of the best shopping Cart which is based on PHP is OpenCart. The solution helps you as an internet merchant to develop your own online business. Easy participation in E-commerce at an affordable price becomes a reality in case of OpenCart. The benefits of OpenCart are as follows

  • The store setup is very simple
  • The overall usability is easy, similarly the performance is excellent as well
  • Multi Store functionality is very much their
  • The software is available for free
  • The software is home to wonderful features as well as extensions

5.      Magento

Magento is one of the most highly popular E-commerce Platforms that are available out there. The platform is home to an unprecedented flexibility and an architecture which is modular in nature. The Key Benefits are as follows

  • The customization of the webpage can be done easily
  • Magento is SEO friendly
  • The overall loading of the store is fast
  • Any hosting company as per your choice can be selected in Magento
  • Multiple websites can be hosted via Magento
  • All currencies of the globe are supported by Magento

6.      Shopify

If you want to develop an online store of your own and if you want to indulge, in immediate selling then Shopify can also serve as a good alternative for PrestaShop. The platform is home to the following benefits

  • Shopify does not require any serious technical expertise
  • Shopify can be customized with ease
  • The shopping cart offered by Shopify is secure
  • E-commerce Hosting is very much included in Shopify

These the best open source E-commerce platforms were some of the PrestaShop alternatives that can be availed by you. Apart from these mentioned ones there are several others as well. However we believe that the ones which we have mentioned above can serve you well.


PrestaShop: An Ideal Choice for Your Online Store

Desk Box / January 6, 2018

PrestaShop is the best!

If you are looking for a programming platform through which you can achieve a high ranking for your online store, then we believe that the best choice for you in this regard is PrestaShop. PrestaShop is one of The Best Open Source E-Commerce Platforms which showers a plethora of aesthetic and practical options on your E-commerce website.

General Benefits

An entire article can be written on the general benefits of PrestaShop. Some benefits which have contributed to the immense popularity of this software are as follows

Why PrestaShop is an Ideal choice for your online store: Reasons

Now let’s see PrestaShop specifically in the context of an online store. What are the core reasons because of which it can be said that PrestaShop is the perfect choice when it comes to online stores. The reasons have been stated in the headings below

1. Platform (Multi-Faceted)

All the development requirements of your E-commerce website can be well catered by PrestaShop. The software has modern features through which it promises excellent performance of your website.

PrestaShop is home to Multi-faceted platform which guarantees growth in terms of business. Using PrestaShop will help you in the easy management of a multi-product site equipped with unlimited categories.

2. Simple Usage

The thing which makes PrestaShop stand out is the fact that this application is very easy and simple to use. You do not need to be a professional programmer to run PrestaShop. You simply need to get the add-ons downloaded. Once the add-ons are downloaded, install them! And you are all done.  The add-ons can be integrated in your online business.

3. Free of Charge

PrestaShop is highly compatible for medium sized and small businesses. The software does not ask for any kind of premium to develop an account. As a user you have access to countless free of charge add-ons. Keeping into consideration its financial aspect, PrestaShop is the best.

4. Versatility

PrestaShop provides you with a unique creative control on your site. The basic hallmark of this software is the out of the box themes which it offers. Apart from desktop site, PrestaShop can also be utilized for an M-Commerce website too.

5. Customization

You can customize the online store by availing the PrestaShop documentation available on cloud. Apart from unlimited number of themes, you can also utilize the umpteen modules that PrestaShop offers. These modules can help you in the expansion of your online shop as per the usability preferences.

6. Management

Through PrestaShop you can exercise more control on your online offerings. Your online merchandize can be excellently managed via PrestaShop.  Under different heads, you can categorize your products by effectively utilizing PrestaShop. Better management actually contributes towards hassle free shopping experience for your customers.

7. Add-Ons

Through PrestaShop you can benefit a lot from the latest versions of the Add-Ons.  You just need to get the latest version downloaded and apply it on your webpage. The new version helps you in remaining updated and most importantly assists you in meeting the growing expectations of the online clients. Prestashop contact form is also one of built-in contact form module that is very useful for you to get feedback from customers.

8. Marketing module

The marketing module provided by PrestaShop not only helps you in the promotion of your products rather on the contrary it also plays a huge role in the improvement of user experience. The Platform plays a major role in the enhancement of your brand awareness particularly among the circles of online shoppers.

9. Promotional Activities

Successful promotions can be easily developed by you via PrestaShop. These promotions can be developed without much of an effort. Similarly other beneficial things like engaging in referral programs, launching of new products and newsletter campaigns can also be launched via PrestaShop. The point is that PrestaShop: The Ideal Open Source Platform for Ecommerce which is the best ideal for promotional campaigns.   


PrestaShop: The Ideal Open Source Platform for Ecommerce

Desk Box / December 20, 2017


One of the best open source platforms which are available nowadays is PrestaShop. PrestaShop is basically a PHP MySQL solution which is customizable in nature. PrestaShop is home to hundreds of templates and extensions. PrestaShop is also not that bad when it comes to features. The software has around 265 different features.

Last year PrestaShop opened its 100,000th store. The event was well covered in the media and the office was decorated with banners and balloons.

Open source software is the one which can be downloaded for free and whose code can be accessed by the utilizers. The access to the code means that a user can easily tweak and customize the software for the exact feel and look required for an individual E-commerce website.

To customize software you need to have basic knowledge and technical skills related the installation and other major aspects of the software.

Worldwide Usage

PrestaShop is very famous Open Source software which is trusted and utilized in more than 100,000 active stores globally. The software has its presence in around 150 different countries of the world. Available in more than 40 languages, the software can support tax, unlimited currencies and shipping rules.


There are more than 1000 modules available in PrestaShop that can be plugged in by you into your store for its enhancement. The Modules range from displaying of product image’s slide show to supporting of a new provider of payment. If you are someone who specializes in PHP then you can always develop Modules of your own as per the needs of your clients.

Important Features

As mentioned already, PrestaShop is home to some wonderful features. Listing all the features require a complete catalogue hence here we will limit our self to the major ones.

  • The categories are unlimited
  • The customizable products are also unlimited
  • Through PrestaShop you can create customer referral program, customer group and loyalty groups
  • The payment options in PrestaShop are unlimited
  • Order tracking and shipping estimates is a possibility in PrestaShop
  • The software provides online statistics for conversion rate, orders and visitors

PrestaShop and Ecommerce Store

If you have an E-commerce Store then it is highly recommended that you should make full use of PrestaShop for the management of your store. There are many reasons behind this claim of ours. Please go through the headings below to learn about these reasons.

1.      Open Source

The biggest reason behind PrestaShop’s compatibility with E-commerce store lies in the fact that the software is open source. You can utilize, distribute and alter PrestaShop as per your wish. You can easily and potentially utilize PrestaShop as an E-commerce Platform (white label) for the projects of your clients.

2.      Modules and Themes

The themes and modules which are offered by PrestaShop provide you with the opportunity to alter the feel and look of your store. The good part is that in most of the cases all this can be done free of charge. There are many free PrestaShop Templates and themes that are available nowadays.

3.      The Overrides

The PrestaShop Overrides allows you as a developer to overwrite the core functionality of PrestaShop. The changes do not get over written when PrestaShop gets updated. As a user you can always override the modules of PrestaShop. Similarly the classes and controllers of PrestaShop can be overridden too.

4.      Support

It does not matter whether your store is in Germany, UK or USA; your language and currency will be supported by PrestaShop. The software supports multiple currencies and languages on one store which means that your customers can easily choose their currency. Multiple stores for different regions are not required as the software allows business globally.

5.      Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You need to rank well on Google if you want to make your online store successful. SEO in Prestashop is extremely good as it is optimized using latest SEO practices and technologies. The good thing about PrestaShop is that the software is very friendly with Google. Pretty URL’S for all the products and ages are available in PrestaShop.

6.      Safety and Security

PrestaShop is software which is PCI compliant and supports the SSL certificates. The encryption of cookies and passwords is very common. The software encourages secure utilization. As an E-commerce Store owner you do not need to worry about any security aspect as the software has got everything well covered. Security aspect can also be improved a lot when Prestashop CAPTCHA is installed, this is an innovative Prestashop captcha module that would help your site free with spam!!

7.      Payment

There are a lot of out of the box payment providers that come along with PrestaShop. The names of some of these providers are Google Checkout and PayPal. If you are someone who is specifically for something like SagePay then for this you can utilize a number of payment modules that can be easily found by you in PrestaShop webpage (Addons)


Ecommerce Stores are a common trend nowadays as with the advancement of technology there are high chances that the concept will grow in the coming years. You need to equip yourself with the right software if you truly want to be successful. The right software for you is PrestaShop!


The Best Open Source E-Commerce Platforms

Desk Box / December 12, 2017

Launching an online store is more common today that it was ever before. Any company that has some sort of product to sell now wants to have an online store where buyers can easily carry out transactions and buy their favorite products. However, maintaining and running an online store is not an easy task but it can be made a little simpler. If you want to launch an online store then one of the most inexpensive ways to go is to use open source e-commerce platforms.

The Best Ones

If you ever go and search for the top open source e-commerce platforms then you will be greeted with a very lengthy list. Here you will only find the best platforms that you should use.

1.      WooCommerce

One of the most popular and most used e-commerce platform is none other than WooCommerce. It is built on the WordPress framework and offers a lot of customizability. It has over 31 million downloads and is powering almost 1/4th of all the online stores that you see on the internet today.

2.      WP eCommerce

As the name suggests, WP eCommerce is an e-commerce platform that has been built for the WordPress framework. With the help of WP eCommerce you can choose to use escrow giants such as ProPay, PayPal, Authorize.Net or Stripe.

3.      OpenCart

OpenCart is another popular platform for online stores. The platform is written in PHP and it features a huge selection of themes and over 13,000 modules. Another benefit of OpenCart is that it features a powerful support community.

4.      Drupal Commerce

The names tells us a lot about Drupal Commerce, it is an e-commerce platform and also a content management system. The platform is built on Drupal 7 and offers features like checkout forms, cart and product administration system. One of the best things about Drupal Commerce is that it supports a lot of languages and currencies.

5.      Spree Commerce

Spree Commerce was first introduced in the year 2008 and it was the work and effort of almost 500 developers. Spree Commerce showcases a modular platform, this means that performing upgrades and customization is very simple.

6.      Magento Open Source

Magento is a very popular e-commerce platform. It is used by over 150,000 developers, the main reason behind this fan base is that Magento offers a lot of extensions and themes to its users. If you are new to their platform, then Magento also offers a training course and certification program.

7.      Reaction Commerce

Reaction Commerce is based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is undoubtedly one of the fastest Node.js commerce platform. It provides real-time analytics which is simply a great feature to have at your disposal. Reaction Commerce is also one of the best on GitHub.

8.      PrestaShop

PrestaShop is a free e-commerce platform and it is used by both large and small businesses. With PrestaShop, the developer has access to over 2000 designs and 3000 additional features. According to statistics, PrestaShop is used to run over 270,000 stores today.

Prestashop becomes common because it’s very friendly with user-driven interface. The font end of Prestashop is clean, simple and easy to use with Prestashop mega menu, the navigation also works perfectly on mobile devices and also on desktop.

9.      Saleor

The main highlights of Saleor is its state of the art checkout process. Saleor is a platform that is written in Python. It uses PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, GraphQL and Django. Saleor also supports a wide range of products, orders and customers. It also provides mobile shopping and is also search engine-friendly.

10.  Sylius

Sylius was first introduced in the year 2010 but then it was just a cosmetics company. The e-commerce division of the company gained a lot of followers and it shows today. In 2016 the first beta was released and now the platform has over 4 million downloads.

11.  nopCommerce

Another popular e-commerce platform is nopCommerce, it is used by more than 27,000 online stores and has been downloaded by 2 million people. nopCommerce is more popular among small businesses that are selling physical products.

12.  VirtueMart

If you use Joomla and are familiar with it, then VirtueMart is the companion that you need. VirtueMart will change your website and give it a completely new look. It uses Joomla templates. It has a huge fan base and there are many developers out there who prefer VirtueMart.

13.  simpleCart

If you are looking for a simple, customizable and fast shopping cart then you should go for simpleCart. It is based on JavaScript and the best part is that you only need to know HTML to use simpleCart. simpleCart is compatible with Google Checkout, Amazon Payments and PayPal Express.

14.  KonaKart

One of the best things about KonaKart is that it is compatible with almost all hosting environments, this makes it much more usable. Customizing the way your online store looks has never been easier.

15.  Shopware

Shopware is a German family business and it was founded in 2000. There are three versions of Shopware that you can use, there is the free version and then there are the paid professional and enterprise versions.

16.  OroCommerce

If B2B is your things, then OroCommerce is the platform that you need. It helps with the growth of online businesses and is also a lot cheaper. It features things like currency compatible, scalability, forums and much more.

17.  Pimcore

If you have ore B2B and B2C interactions in your business then Pimcore is the platform that you need to use. It helps to create awesome looking websites that your business needs.

18.  Oscar

Oscar is another e-commerce framework for Django. Oscar is domain driven and it can handle all kinds of products.

19.  Zen Cart

Another popular e-commerce platform is Zen Cart, it used by almost 150,000 members which makes Zen Cart a popular option. Zen Cart one of the best options to go with if you want run an online store.

20.  osCommerce

osCommerce offers a lot of customizability to its users. It offers a front-end as well backend administration which is very easy to configure.


These were twenty of the best e-commerce platforms that you can use if you want to manage an online store. Running an online store today is easier than it was ever before. That is why if you are looking for the right time to start, then this is it.





Open Source Software: An Insight

Desk Box / December 2, 2017

Open Source Software

The thing which general people can share as well as modify because of its publically accessible design is called open source. The term Open source software is used for software that consists of a source code and which anyone can enhance, inspect and modify.

The part of the software which is invisible to majority of computer users is called source code. It basically refers to a code which programmers can operate to alter how a software application or program actually works. Having access to source code, means that the programmer can make the program better via addition of different features.

1.     Key Advantages of Open Source Software

Some advantages which are often linked with Open source software are:

  • The hardware cost is very less
  • The overall quality of the software is very high
  • The vendor lock-in is not their
  • The overall management of the software is integrated
  • The software cost is low
  • Plenty of support is available

Open Source Software: An ideal choice

There are many reasons because of which the general masses consider open source software for their computer related tasks. We have listed these reasons in the headings below

1.     Excellent Control

The majority of people prefer the open source software because in this software they can enjoy a higher amount of control as compared to other types of software which are available in the market. As a user you can easily examine the code in order to ensure that the software does not indulge into any kind of activity which you do not want it to do. You can even utilize this software even if you are not a programmer. There are a variety of purposes for which open source software can be utilized.

2.     Practice and Training

Many people like the open source software simply because through this software they can become better and professional programmers. The open source code is accessible to the general public which means that students can easily study the software as per their need.

The software also allows the students to share their working with other people for critique and comments. Similarly people also highlight the mistakes in the source code of the program. These people share the mistakes with other people so that same mistakes do not get repeated by other individuals.

3.     High Security

Stability and security are some of the other reasons because of which people prefer the open source software. Since the software is accessible to everyone hence any one can examine it and correct the mistakes which the original authors failed to realize.

There are many programmers who can work on open source software’s piece without requesting for any kind of permission from the original developers. The programmers can upgrade the open source software much faster than propriety software.

4.     High Stability

As mentioned already in the heading above, stability is one of the major reason because of which open source software is a common preference for the people. The open source software is ideal for projects which are long term in nature.

Since source code of open source software is publically distributed by the programmers hence the utilizers are very much sure that their tools would not get disappeared even if the original authors stop their working on them. The open source software operates and incorporates as per the open standards.

A Misconception

A general misconception that exists among the masses is that anything which is open source is free. Well this is misconception and majority of people do not know what open source actually implies. The fact of the matter is that open source software programmers can put a price tag on the software which they develop.

However there are some cases where an open source license can force the programmers to make their source code public especially when they sale the software to different people; hence some programmers find that asking money from the users for software support and services results in better profits. This means that though the software is free however the programmers make handsome amount of cash by assisting others in troubleshooting, installing and using the software.

Common Open Source Software

There are various open source software that are operating out there, the names of some of these software are as follows

  • PrestaShop
  • WordPress
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Magento
  • FileZilla
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Audacity
  • GnuCash
  • OpenOffice

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Things You Shouldn’t Miss about Hair Dryers

Desk Box / November 22, 2017

If you have hair dryers at home, then you probably utilize your beauty tools every day. These hair dryers can take the locks from having hair wet. For more efficiency and great convenience, it’s better to explore everything about hair dryers, including on how you can make use of it most of the time.

For you to be able to learn some techniques and approaches on utilizing a hair dryer for good, we have prepared some tips and suggestions as your guide from the celebrity hairstylists Josue Perez and Ryan Richman. Take a glimpse on the next discussions as we discuss to you all the things related to hair dryer beauty tools.

Invest in Wattage and Turn Down Its Heat

Ryan Richman is very cautious when using extremely high settings of heat since these are not actually necessary for the DIY users. According to the hairstylist; the blow dryer which falls within 1300-1875 watts range is nice for everyone who would like to use the product at home. You may also turn down the heat of tool, but always remember to maintain its power. At some point, if you will set curls or you will just blow dry your hair on front (bangs), then you can just purchase a dryer that contains lower wattage.

Unusual Types of Hair that Requires Different Heat Levels

According to Perez, an expert hairstylist, different heat levels must be adjusted in order to be suitable to your hair condition and texture. The high heat setting must be suitable for a coarse or thick hair. This is also good to be used in order to remove the excessive moisture if your hair is wet. But when using the dryer, always make sure that the tool is moving. Never focus in one area of your hair for a longer period of time.

The low heat setting is good for fragile or thin hair. It is important to utilize low setting if heat so as to avoid over-drying of hair. Anyway, the cool shot button seals hair cuticle and sets the final look for additional shine and for long lasting hold. If your hair is 80% dry, you may switch it over to a cool shot. Your hair always needs the suitable stage in drying just like having the finishing touches of it. The cool shot slowly completes the procedures of drying and it protects your hair against damage because of overheating.

Richman also believes that “cool shot” is great to fasten on a curl or once you want to set your hair on curlers. This will also work or function to cool down the strands and lock the waves as you desired.

What Specific Hair Dryer to be Utilized

Actually, not all types of hair dryers are produced equally and the same. So, you have to know if which type must be used for your hair. According to Richman, ionic technology produces millions of ions, particularly negative. And these ions help to break down its water molecule. Then, this allows the dryer to dry hair faster.

One of the primary concerns on utilizing ionic hair dryers is that many people are not aware when to quit. Sometimes, the only thing which makes your hair dry is when you don’t know when to step blowing or brushing your hair. You may not notice that your hair is already hot which results to hair drying and breakage.

Ceramic dryer emits non-damaging heat using infrared. This may gently dry your hair for additional heat protection. While the tourmaline dryers emit negative ions and infrared heat,  this makes the heat gentler  on hair while styling for less frizzy and shinier finish.  This also allows the hair to tolerate higher heat levels without any further damage.

Right Dryer Attachment – Helps in Styling

Many experts believe that diffusers as attachment can help you in doing some creative hair styles. This is very great since the heat distributes very broadly and does not concentrate in one portion. It is also advisable that those people with wavy and curly hair textures utilize diffuser at a low heat setting. It helps to lift your hair and discharge an indirect and gentle stream of air which is not very overpowering. With this one, your curls will not become tangled, unmanageable and frizzy.

At some point, you may also use concentrators since these focus or direct the air output if you’re styling. This can also control frizz and design outcome. As the expert’s tip, you should hold the concentrator near to your hair. Then, utilize a rounded brush and gently pull your hair to achieve the best outcomes from the concentrators.


Interesting Facts to Know about the Curling Irons

Desk Box / November 22, 2017

One of the most interesting things about beauty products is its customization option. Some hairstylists or even the beauty tool users are not satisfied with just creating control of the looks, but also with their ability to do every style with their heart’s desire.

There is another product called the Switch Kit (Amika) which features interchangeable rods. It has different sizes so as to help in creating the curls depending on your wants and desires.

Amika is actually a brand that introduced a set of interchangeable iron which features a sort of handle and 4 different barrel-sized. This approximately costs up to $175. Probably, this price is not so much convincing on your part since it is not as useful as what you have perceived. All 4 barrels seemed slim, which means that you will just spend money on the things that you might not likely utilize.

So, at this moment of time, the product brand may seems to learn from that own mistake. Instead of putting all 4 barrels together in 1 set, they are selling the products separately at cheaper cost or price. The starter kit features a handle and a barrel. Actually, this is said to be the best selling size at the time according to its brand. Every additional barrel – 1 ¼ inch, 1 ½ inch plus the tapered 1 inch barrel will be sold for about $30 each. Because of this, you can have the chance to pick or choose the specific barrels you want.

In addition to that, Amika showcases the different kinds of styles which can be created on each barrel – from big stunning curls to big sized beach waves. According to many expert curlers, one of the secrets of getting gorgeous and natural-looking spirals is through playing around with shape and size of every coil.  Through the customizable system, any users may be able to pick and select the particular barrel they desire so as to produce a curling iron wardrobe.  They can easily create it even without buying a new sort of iron in the circulation.