A Brief Analysis on the PrestaShop blog module

Desk Box / February 10, 2018

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What is a Blog Module?

A blog module basically allows the authorized users in maintaining of their blogs. Blog is more of a post which is usually viewed by date and which is also time stamped. The entries of the blog can be made both private as well as public to the members of the site. The importance of the blog module cannot be ignored in the environment within which we live today.


One blog module which has gained a serious fame in the market is “BLOG”. The module is gaining fast popularity and many people have practically started to use it. There are several aspects which make “BLOG” as a perfect module. In the headings below we have discussed these aspects in detail.

Overview: “BLOG”

“BLOG” can be termed as the most trusted PrestaShop module which has been launched in the year 2017. The module has several advantages to its name such as rich features and ease of use. “BLOG” is basically an advanced form of PrestaShop module which brings all the important features of a blog on your PrestaShop webpage.

The Offerings

There are many things which “BLOG”provides you as a user. Some of these things have been discussed in the points below

  • The module comes along with design templates which have 4 pages. The templates can be as per your choice. The pages are designed by effective utilization of modern design trends. The color picker allows you to choose from unlimited choices of colors. Similarly the module is highly responsive and can operate on all kind of screens and devices
  • One of the most beneficial offering of “BLOG” is SEO optimization. The module ensures that your blog secures top position on the search engine. “BLOG” provides you with SEO Meta tags, HTML tags and SEO compatible URL
  • One of the most flexible PrestaShop blog modules out there is “BLOG”. All the appearance of the frontend can be easily managed from the backend as well. “BLOG” has also been coded with flexibility consideration utilizing PHP, HTML and CSS. This means that as a web developer you can customize your blog’s display as per your choice or preference.
  • “BLOG” is compatible with all the other versions of PrestaShop. Similarly the application can work with other custom modules as well (after PrestaShop integration).
  • An adorable image slider is very much there in “BLOG”. The slider is home to wonderful animation effects along with other slider options as well. Through “BLOG” you can also develop a nice photo gallery of your webpage. The photo gallery can be easily displayed on different locations of the website.
  • There are many features that are there in “BLOG”. These features help in better customer interaction with the blog especially while reading blog posts. A customer can easily rate, comment or like the blog post. Similarly the email notifications, guest comments and captcha security are well supported.
  • The backend of “BLOG” is fairly easy to utilize. The JQuery Ajax technology is utilized for module backend. The technology helps in the reduction of page reloads when operating with the backend. This surely assists you in the quick management of the blog content.
  • “BLOG” is home to a feature which helps you in the export of all your blog content (PrestaShop) via a click. The content can also be easily imported by a click once the PrestaShop blog has been integrated into your webpage. An entire backup of the blog can be easily created by this feature.
  • The Multi language feature is another unique offering of the blog. All the sections of the front end are available in all the popular languages of the globe such as Japanese, Arabic, English, Spanish and French. Everything can be translated by you as per your preferred language.

Key Features

To summarize let’s see some of the unique features which are being offered by “BLOG”. These features are as follows

  • Home page or sidebar display of photo gallery and blog posts
  • Blog post
  • Blog category
  • Multi-language (RTL Supported)
  • jQuery Ajax used for the implementation of Backend
  • Slider
  • Email (Notification)
  • Color picker
  • Photo gallery
  • SEO optimization
  • Blog page layout (4+)
  • View number/comments/ratings/likes
  • Import and export feature
  • Post author
  • Related products
  • Blog tags
  • Blog search function
  • Related posts
  • Famous posts
  • Blog search
  • Recent posts
  • Social login networks buttons for Prestashop


In case you face any kind of problem or trouble while integrating or installing the blog, do contact us. Also report to us if you face any bug issue, we are open for your help and queries.  We have all the solutions for the problems which you may encounter while using “BLOG”. We are true professionals and we know how to help you!



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