Ecommerce Platforms that Serve as Alternatives for PrestaShop

Desk Box / January 25, 2018

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An Overview

The E-commerce Platform in simple words is software, which helps in the management and selling of services/products online. Previously online businesses used to depend on standalone E-commerce softwares for which an extensive IT setup was necessary.

Similarly special development teams were required for the in house management of these softwares. In majority of the cases, these solutions were not scalable and were very costly too. These solutions were also very difficult to customize.

Open Source Ecommerce Platforms

With the emergence of open source E-commerce platforms things became very easy and simple for online business or store owners. As compared to standalone E-commerce softwares these softwares were less costly and much easier to use. Some key benefits of open source E-commerce platforms are as follows

  • The overall quality which you get by utilizing E-commerce platform is incomparable with some of other alternatives out their
  • The cost of open source E-commerce platforms is very less and in fact some of these platforms are available for free
  • The general level of flexibility of these platforms is very high
  • The platforms are highly reliable


One of the most popular E-commerce platforms which are available nowadays is PrestaShop, PrestaShop is an ideal choice for online store. The software is currently being used for the management of around 250,000 online shops. There are several benefits that have been associated with PrestaShop and there are many blogs that have already been written by us on this subject.

Prestashop provide an amazing module to export orders in Prestashop to CSV, Excel or XML; the most complete Prestashop export orders module! Export orders by date, order status, customer, country, carrier, payment method, order total, etc.

In this discourse we will briefly touch upon some of the alternatives which we have for PrestaShop. Knowledge about these alternatives is necessary for you as their may arise a situation in which you may be unable to access PrestaShop. The alternatives have been stated in the headings below:

1.      WordPress

One of the best alternatives for PrestaShop is WordPress. The WordPress is basically a publishing platform that focuses on usability, aesthetics and web standards.The self-hosted WordPress application is open source and free. The benefits of WordPress are as follows

  • WordPress is home to some of the most exceptional themes. These themes can actually give a new and unique look to your webpage
  • More than 10,000 plugins are available in WordPress
  • The updating of WordPress is very easy and simple
  • Google is more comfortable with webpages that have been developed on wordpress
  • Engaged and thriving community supports WordPress

2.      Drupal

Drupal is basically free software which actually allows you or your community of utilizers to easily organize, publish and manage different contents that exist on your webpage. Today there are several organizations and individuals who are utilizing Drupal for their online businesses. Major benefits of Drupal are as follows

  • The software has modules in excess of 29,000. Similarly it has more than 2000 different themes under its belt
  • The software can be customized with ease
  • Rapid development gets facilitated by Drupal
  • It is a kind of software which is enterprise class in nature
  • The API support is excellent
  • Drupal is SEO friendly

3.      Joomla

Joomla is a content management system that has won various awards. The software assists you in the development of online applications and websites. The software is very easy to use and is high in flexibility as well. Joomla is an open source application which means that it is available for free. Key Benefits of Joomla have been stated below

  • Joomla is simple as far as usage and understanding is concerned
  • The cms pages can be added with ease when it comes to Joomla
  • Joomla is ideal when it comes to working on sites that are similar in nature
  • Author verifications get easily facilitated in Joomla
  • The Templates of Joomla provide both variety as well as convenience

4.      OpenCart

One of the best shopping Cart which is based on PHP is OpenCart. The solution helps you as an internet merchant to develop your own online business. Easy participation in E-commerce at an affordable price becomes a reality in case of OpenCart. The benefits of OpenCart are as follows

  • The store setup is very simple
  • The overall usability is easy, similarly the performance is excellent as well
  • Multi Store functionality is very much their
  • The software is available for free
  • The software is home to wonderful features as well as extensions

5.      Magento

Magento is one of the most highly popular E-commerce Platforms that are available out there. The platform is home to an unprecedented flexibility and an architecture which is modular in nature. The Key Benefits are as follows

  • The customization of the webpage can be done easily
  • Magento is SEO friendly
  • The overall loading of the store is fast
  • Any hosting company as per your choice can be selected in Magento
  • Multiple websites can be hosted via Magento
  • All currencies of the globe are supported by Magento

6.      Shopify

If you want to develop an online store of your own and if you want to indulge, in immediate selling then Shopify can also serve as a good alternative for PrestaShop. The platform is home to the following benefits

  • Shopify does not require any serious technical expertise
  • Shopify can be customized with ease
  • The shopping cart offered by Shopify is secure
  • E-commerce Hosting is very much included in Shopify

These the best open source E-commerce platforms were some of the PrestaShop alternatives that can be availed by you. Apart from these mentioned ones there are several others as well. However we believe that the ones which we have mentioned above can serve you well.



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