Maymeal Software: NoteClip

Desk Box / November 22, 2017

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Maymeal NoteClip – Take notes, capture, copy, and paste text quickly and easily.

Maymeal NoteClip provides some interesting methods of creating notes. While the application is running, you may create notes just by copying text to the clipboard or using hotkeys. You can organize your notes in groups and sub-groups and edit them with built in editor or a third party application.

The part of Maymeal NoteClip which can be integrating with Open Source Software. Wow! This is an insight.

Last Update

Version 2.62  (January 20, 2014)

  • The text item list added a field: Size.



Operating System

Recommended running on Windows XP, Windows 7 (including 64-bit) operating system.



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