A Brief Review about John Frieda Hot Air Brush

Desk Box / November 22, 2017

Another brand of beauty of tools comes out from the industry and this is the John Frieda Hot Air Brush. The ultimate use of this styling tool is that it provides shine and hair volume while you are about to dry your hair.

For some people who would like to straighten their hair, then they can make use of this styling tool. This is a perfect tool for your longer hair since it also adds volume to your hair and it creates small curls at the end of your hair. Through the combination of titanium-ceramic coating and ionic technology, the hot air brush by John Frieda provides great results, easily, quickly, conveniently and safely.

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Remarkable Benefits of John Frieda Hot Air Brush

Lots of people use the products because of the numerous best features that provide great benefits and advantages. Here are some of the benefits which this products offer to all users:

  • Affordable in price – This hot air brush can even deliver great results just like in the salon services. And with this exceptional performance of the product, you can even have this tool in a lower cost.
  • Efficient to use – This product is very easy to be utilized since it comes with ergonomic grip. Because of this feature, any user can easily do hair styling procedures from different angles.
  • Portable and lightweight – Because of its lightweight, you can easily utilize it in a longer period of time without experiencing so much pain on your arms. Thus, you can also bring the product anywhere you go.
  • Fast results – It can even shorten hair routines or procedures by doing 2 things at a single time. You can dry your hair very quickly and create some styles that you want.
  • Keep moisture in – Ionic technology locks the hair moisture so as to maintain the smoothness and the health of the strands. Because of this, your hair will be less frizzy and more manageable.
  • Sleek and shinier finish – The product comes with titanium-ceramic coating which ensures even heat distribution. In this way, you can get shinier and sleeker hair without root damage.
  • Flexible – The product also comes with two settings of heat so that you can adjust the level of temperature to your hair form. The low setting of it can be utilized for fine, thin and even for damaged hair. The high setting of it is perfect for the thicker hair. It has a cool setting that can be utilized to create the style and provide long lasting effects.

Comparison of John Frieda Hot Air Brush to Some Similar Products

The Infiniti Pro, which is a Conair product, is approximately twice more expensive and that is because of the several heat settings offered by the product and it also offers spin function. This also generates more ions than with the John Frieda Hot Air Brush.

But if you are looking for some cheaper alternatives to the styler of John Frieda, then you may take a glimpse at the Hot Air Brush by Revlon. This comes with 2 brushes that which are interchangeable and it also offers more speed and power. However, it may be seemed cheaply constructed just like what some buyers complained about the easily breakage of the clip.

Disadvantages of the Product

The product – John Frieda Hot Air Brush has also some things that need to be improved and these things are according to the reviewers. According to them, it does not work well on thick or ling hairs. Sometimes, hair can easily get caught up on the bristles without notice. Furthermore, the setting adjustment is not as convenient as what they want since the button is sunk onto its handle.

The Cost of the Product

If you want to buy the John Frieda Hot Air Brush, then it is much advisable if you will directly visit the Amazon site. Buying the beauty tool in Amazon is a nice option since there is a discount for the unit. Check out the actual cost of it through visiting the page of the reliable site online.

Are Customers Satisfied with the Product?

According to the customer reviews online, most of the customers are satisfied and highly glad with the product’s performance level. In fact, they gave positive comments and testimonials about the product, which deeply means that they want to use the product for good. Well-satisfied customers report that the hot air brush by John Frieda really works as what they have advertized. This brush really styles and dries hair quickly and simultaneously.


Maymeal Software: NoteClip

Desk Box / November 22, 2017

Maymeal NoteClip – Take notes, capture, copy, and paste text quickly and easily.

Maymeal NoteClip provides some interesting methods of creating notes. While the application is running, you may create notes just by copying text to the clipboard or using hotkeys. You can organize your notes in groups and sub-groups and edit them with built in editor or a third party application.

The part of Maymeal NoteClip which can be integrating with Open Source Software. Wow! This is an insight.

Last Update

Version 2.62  (January 20, 2014)

  • The text item list added a field: Size.



Operating System

Recommended running on Windows XP, Windows 7 (including 64-bit) operating system.


Maymeal Software: TimeTask

Desk Box / November 22, 2017

Maymeal TimeTask is a full-featured, easy to operate timing tools used to create a variety of timing tasks, such as reminders, open the document, run the program, play music, open web, shutdown, etc., supports once, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly as well as custom cycle time, and has the “effective time” detection mechanism, so you no longer miss the important work and things.

Maymeal TimeTask is also a music file manager, can be freely customized grouping and playlists, so your music management and playback easier and more comfortable.





Operating System


Recommended running on Windows XP, Windows 7 (including 64-bit) operating system.


Maymeal Software: PicEdit

Desk Box / November 22, 2017

PicEdit is a powerful, easy to operate, user-friendly image editing software, supports a variety of graphic styles (such as arrows, rectangles, polygons, pencil, text, layers, etc.) and a variety of effects processing (such as highlighting, mosaic, colorize, bokeh, blur, increase light, soften, denoising, monochorme, stylized, etc.), while supporting the selection, frames, cliparts, watermark, crop, fill, rotate, and so on.

PicEdit saves both vector and bitmap data, with excellent repeat editing capabilities, and automatically preserves the original image, you can always restore.


Software Feature


☆ Professional image editing capabilities, supports a variety of graphic styles and effects processing.

☆ Save all kinds of graphic elements entirely, with the ability to repeat the editing.

☆ The original image is automatically reserves, you can always revert back.

☆ Easy to operate, user-friendly interface, to support a variety of beautiful skin.

☆ Clean software, do not write to system registry and directory.





Operating System


Recommended running on Windows XP, Windows 7 (32-bit) operating system.