When You Should Replatform?

Desk Box / June 28, 2018

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The majority of E-commerce companies are not that comfortable with data migration. They simply are not that confident when it comes to migrating from current website to a new platform, the reason being that, data migration is a process which is too risky and also costs a serious amount of money as well. This is a general tendency that exists in the market nowadays however as a business person we recommend that you should not be afraid of migration, it is surely not something that can destroy your current sales.

There are high chances that your current platform may be the main hurdle in your market growth. A new platform improves the business processes and results in a customer experience which is excellent. In a nutshell, you should upgrade PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7 right now!

The Indicators

You should go for PrestaShop migration when there is a genuine need. Taking a risk like PrestaShop migration without any serious reason is not a good choice at all. So how do you determine that you require PrestaShop Migration? Well, there are certain signs and indications which you should look for. If these signs and indicators are their then this means that you need anPrestaShop migration.


Initially, you may have invested in an inexpensive software which helped you in the creation of a basic online store. Yes, initially this must have been a good investment however now it must be holding you back.  Your current E-commerce platform must be lacking some cutting-edge features and applications. There are high chances that your current platform may be outdated.  An outdated software prevents you from providing the right experience to your customer. If your software lacks the features or if it does not have the right applications then it is the right time for you to go for an E-commerce migration.


A common issue which many people face is that sometimes a PrestaShop version simply requires a lot of maintenance. There are high chances that the major job of your development team is to fix bugs. Not only is this process costly rather it takes a lot of precious time as well. The small fixes simply waste too much time. The point is that if your current PrestaShop version requires too many fixes then it is highly recommended that you should go for migration.

The Cost Issue

The basic thing in your business is your budget. There are many merchants out there who spend too much of their cash on their website. The common costs include the hosting fees, subscription fees, maintenance and security fees etc.

There are numerous E-commerce platforms available in the market with different price ranges.  The point is that you should go for a thorough audit on your website. You should check how much money you are spending on your webpage. If you think that your website expenditure will be less in case you go for E-commerce migration, the make your move!

Manual Process

There are several E-commerce platform out there which rely on manual processes as far as completion of orders is concerned. Similarly, they utilize the manual processes for correspondence with their clients. The Manual updating of the data takes a lot of time and of course, there are high chances of human error as well. There are numerous PrestaShop version in the market who have automated important tasks such as communicating information, inventory updates and order processing. If your team is spending too much time on the manual processes then it’s time for a change.

Problems pertaining to integration

It is not a job of merely an E-commerce platform to run a business rather this requires a number of software.  The larger companies work with order management, ERP, POS and inventory management systems. These systems add more robust capabilities and functionalities. To effectively automate the business process in the presence of these systems requires integration.

The issue is that there are many E-commerce platforms which do not possess the ability to handle multichannel integration. The basic architecture of the E-commerce platform can dictate the functionality, speed, reliability, and cost of the integration to other systems.  To prepare for integration you need to Replatform your E-commerce store.

Growth and Scalability

The E-commerce sales are increasing all over the world. The companies that grow faster outgrow their platforms. Your current platform helped you in taking the first step however it surely cannot take you to the next level.  Since you have an unlimited number of operations to conduct every day hence your platform has to scale with you. You should come with anE-commercee platform that handles your volume in a better way.


Sometimes you simply need to go for Upgrade PrestaShop just because of the usability factor. You spend too much time on your Ecommerce website processing orders, making changes and updating information. There are some platforms whose learning curve is much larger. There is no harm in admitting the fact that the software is sometimes too hard to utilize on daily basis.


Keeping the customer data secure is not that easy as site hacks are very common nowadays. There are some practices that guarantee data security. It all comes down to how your data is encrypted, hosted and finally who is responsible for it.  There are Ecommerce platforms out their which host data in an environment which is of their own.  There are numerous merchants who hold the data in the servers of their own.

Which Platform to choose?

There are many Ecommerce platforms which you can consider for migration however the best in the business is PrestaShop. The platform has many benefits associated with it and some of them are:

  • It is easy to maintain
  • It is easy to setup
  • The back end interference is great
  • There is no problem in upgrading the version of this platform
  • The modules can be developed with ease
  • The platform is easy to customize

Customer Experience

All the problems which we have mentioned above the end of the day negatively impact on your customer experience. The point is that you generate sales when your customers are happy. To keep them happy you need to provide them the right experience.

Well, what are you waiting for? If the mentioned indicators are their then kindly plan your E-commerce migration.




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